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Bottle of Phytolife

What is Phytolife

Chlorophyll is a vital ingredient supplying your body with 'liquid' sunshine - the energy found in plants. PhytoLife contains Alfalfa, which is high in protein, calcium, plus other minerals, vitamins in the B group, and vitamin C, E, and K. Primarily it keeps the chemical balance at the right level (pH neutral).Just one table spoon has the neutralisation value of two pounds of vegetables.

Phytolife is a green drink that balances the pH in your body, detoxifies your vital organs and rebuilds cells and body tissue. The contents of this green bottle, in combination with exercise, is an important support for those who want to generate healthy and sustainable weight loss.

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How Phytolife Helps our Bodies

PhytoLife provides you with the essential basics of a well balanced day. Phytolife is the green matter in plants formed during the process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis has the ability to harness the sun’s energy to perform various life-promoting functions. Phytolife naturally contains important vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients

In order to maintain good health our bodies must remain in alkaline state. Phytolife is a rich source of alkaline substances to help our bodies to achieve a proper pH. It goes to work in our digestive system where most of the body's acid is produced.

Benefits of Phytolife

                  • Enhances the body's immune system
                  • Aids and improves digestion
                  • Antioxidant properties
                  • Promotes a healthy bowel function
                  • Improves the metabolism of fat
                  • Reduces cravings for unhealthy and junk foods
                  • Improves stress management

Phytolife Detoxifies

Phytolife is taken with water which supports the body’s detoxification process. Our bodies are composed of up to 70% water and they require ongoing replenishment to function properly. All of our body systems and functions depend upon water. Sufficient water consumption helps the body to maintain the correct pH level. PhytoLife's antioxidant properties and qualities help to protect against free radical damage. It also protects cells and supports the immune system. Finally, Phytolife acts as natural deodoriser.

Ingredients of Phytolife

Alfalfa juice extract, barley juice extract, purified water, vegetable glycerin (as a stabiliser), colour sodium copper, chlorophyllin, peppermint oil (mentha x piperita).

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