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How to Take ProArgi-9 - Correct Dosage

Pot of Proarg-9

Directions on how to take ProArgi-9 plus

The use of ProArgi-9 to effect the hypothalamic response is both dose and timing specific. In other words it only works when taken in the right dosage at specific times. In clinical trials with over 250,000 people over 20 a year period, Dr. Allen and researchers with the Glycemic Institute in Washington DC and the University of Florida were able to develop well defined and documented parameters for the optimal use of ProArgi-9

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ProArgi-9 Suggested Serving

Mix one serving (one scoop) with 4-8 oz. water - depending on individual taste. Stir the mixture vigorously to dissolve. If the water is very cold the mixture will take about one minute to dissolve. If you wish you can add three or four cubes of ice to activate the flavour system - if desired. Food and drinks may be taken with daytime servings, but high glycemic foods and drinks should be avoided. Do not use L-Lysine with or near this product.

Directions for taking ProArgi-9 at Bedtime

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The anti-aging benefits of ProArgi-9 only occurs when 10 grams of pure elemental L-Arginine is ingested in a low glycemic format with no competing proteins, amino acids, maltodextrins, or sugars. Take two servings in the appropriate amount of water, half an hour before going to sleep on an empty stomach. Do not consume any food, including protein drinks, L-Citrulline, high glycemic drinks, or supplements containing any other amino acids with or within two hours of taking this product at bedtime. Ingesting food, amino acids, or high glycemic ingredients with or near this product is not in any way harmful, it simply will negate the benefits.

ProArgi-9 contains 5 grams of elemental premium grade L-Arginine in the form best metabolised by humans. ProArgi-9 does not contain the inferior forms of L-Arginine, such as HCL or pyroglutamate. The unique, proprietary flavour system in ProArgi-9 removes the unpleasant taste of L-Arginine.

Video on How to use ProArgi-9

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Cautions and Contra-indications

ProArgi-9 is for use by adults over the age of 23 only. Keep out of reach of children. Not for use by pregnant or lactating women. Not for use by persons with brain or ocular herpes, prostate cancer, or those with Wilson's disease (genetic copper disorder). Persons with diabetes, borderline diabetes, and cancer patients may only use ProArgi-9 under direction from their physician.

L-Arginine is a natural amino acid found in meat, poultry, dairy foods, peanut butter, chocolate and nuts. It is also found in nutritional supplements.

L-Arginine is the safest amino acid in the entire amino food chain, but certain persons should avoid using any L-Arginine supplements, including ProArgi-9, without express agreement by your GP.

Do not use plain L-Arginine without the appropriate co-factors, as it can stimulate replication of the herpes-simplex viruses and other negative side effects. ProArgi-9 contains the essential cofactors designed to avoid the negative herpes-side-effects associated with taking L-Arginine

Do not take L-Arginine with L-lysine. These two amino acids compete with each other to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Do not use ProArgi-9 if you have been diagnosed with cancer. Though L-Arginine has been shown to help successfully combat many cancers, very high doses (30-50 grams of L-Arginine) per day stimulates growth hormone, which primarily stimulates growth of muscle mass. Certain tumour cells may thrive on human growth hormone, which may stimulate growth of breast cancer cells.

Do not take ProArgi-9 with Viagra.

ProArgi-9 should not be used by diabetics or borderline diabetics unless under close medical supervision.

Persons under the age of 23 and/or persons who have not completed their long-bone growth phase should not take ProArgi-9.

How to order ProArgi-9 Plus?
You can order your supply of ProArgi-9 by calling
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