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ProArgi-9 Ingredients & Benefits

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The Benefits of the Ingredients in ProArgi-9 plus

L-Citrulline / Citrulline - Is an amino acid that supports the body in optimising blood flow through its conversion to L-Arginine and then nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is involved in vasodilatation, and low levels are associated with mental and physical fatigue and sexual dysfunction. Since Citrulline is a precursor to Arginine, it allows for increased and sustained Nitric Oxide production in the endothelium for support of circulatory function.

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Vitamin B6 - Is needed to metabolise proteins and also metabolises glucose during exercise. It also boosts human growth hormone Athletes are often deficient as blood levels of this vitamin are increased during exercise, taking it from the liver and the muscles, increasing the need for it to be replenished.

Vitamin B12 - An energy booster. Works by releasing proteins from food, giving the body a shot of energy. Also helps bum fat by converting carbohydrates, fats, iron and proteins into energy. Also involved in red and white blood cell production, boosting metabolism.

D-Ribose - Studies have shown that supplementation can enhance cardiac energy levels and can increase the tolerance of the cardiovascular system to exercise therefore, reducing fatigue. It also aids with energy recovery after intense exercise

Vitamin D3 - Adequate levels of Vitamin D3 prevent muscle soreness and frequent injury during exercise. Vitamin D also has a role in maintaining calcium levels. Excessive production of lactic acid can cause Calcium to be leached from the bones leading to calcium deficiency.

Pot of Proarg-9

Malic Acid - Aids with the production of energy from food and has been linked to increased endurance in athletes.

Pomegranate - Good source of vitamins C, K, 86, Pantothenic Acid, Vtamins A, E, Thiamin and Riboflavin are present in smaller amounts. Rich in minerals - potassium, copper, traces of magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and selenium are also present contains tannins, anthocyanins (antioxidants). Pomefranate helps to galvanise the immune system.

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