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Natural Healing Introduction

In natural healing we offer a range of alternative therapies all of which are designed to work in gentle harmony with the body. They all seek to ignite the natural healing abilities within the body and are suitable for all ages from infant to adult including during pregnancy.

These therapies can be used alongside modern medicine as an additional resource to aid healing and recovery. However you need not be ill to avail of these treatments as everyone can benefit from improved health and vitality. We provide a relaxing and private space for our clients and are just 10 minutes from the city centre by bus or dart.

Usually these therapies are performed individually however they all complement each other and the results gained from merging the treatments increase the healing potential greatly.

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What are Natural Therapies?

 "Natural therapies are a help given to people with health problems in ways that harmonize with the natural healing forces of the body, i.e. with nature. What distinguishes them from most forms of conventional medicine is that they enhance the immune system rather than suppress it, as is the case with most drugs and antibiotics. Healing must come from within. It must come from the natural life force of each individual. The immune system is that inborn life force in its protective state. Insofar as natural therapies are able to replace conventional treatments they can also be called Alternative Therapies or Alternative Medicine. Insofar as they may be used together with or subsequent to conventional medicine they can also be called Complementary Therapies or Complementary Medicine. "

Fr F. Fox. Founder of Bio Testing and Therapy.

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