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Bio Testing:

Bio Testing is a Bio energetic approach to healing disease. It allows us to identify and correct physiological faults in the body which cause disease.

In Bio Testing we can gain information from and give practical help to the Life Force (Bios) in its task of detoxifying and healing. We help people to improve their health and recover from disease by working in harmony with their immune system.

When dealing with a health problem we can find out where the immune system is most affected by noting key signs and symptoms. We use these to get a sample of the chief “toxin” which is overloading the immune system at that moment and hindering its healing work.

For testing we use an immune system reaction of the thymus which registers in a muscle in the webbing of the right hand ( Adductor Transversus Pollicis ). This guides us throughout our work and enables us to ensure that we do only what the immune system recognizes and accepts. Thus we do nothing which compromises the inner healing power of our clients.


Experiencing a Bio Testing Session:

How a session is performed.

The session begins with a medical history and identification of current symptoms within the body. We then measure the energy flow through different systems and organs by using the master points on the hands, feet and head. Once the toxin has been identified, therapist will trace the toxin in order to find out which system in the body is affected (overloaded).

When both the toxin and the body system have been identified we can start to help the body to break down and clear the toxins. This can be done through the use of one or more techniques including

- “Tapping in“ the energies of complex homoeopathic remedies.

- Similarly using the energies of herbs and vitamins to facilitate recovery.

- Celloid mineral energies are used to help metabolize the toxin.

- Lymph drainage allows the body to move heavy or large toxins in the system.

- Flower remedies are used to identify and correct mental and emotional imbalances.


What you may experience following a session.

Our bodies have a wonderful way of knowing what is best for us. So the aftermath of a Bio testing and therapy session is unique to the person involved. The therapy only works in harmony with the body so healing takes place at the correct pace for that person. Toxins that are in the body for long periods will usually take longer to release and may take more than one session.

We recommend that you drink plenty of water after a treatment and do not undertake strenuous exercise immediately afterwards.

You may be asked to use some self help techniques or remedies between visits and we ask that you take the time to do so.


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