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The Chakra System:

We are born to be open, honest and controlled, and Awareness is the key to our freedom. Because it is possible to see and feel the Chakras it is possible to restore a pure balance to the Chakra system so igniting the natural healing abilities within us all.

The study of the Chakra system is not at all new. It has been in practice in the East for more than 5000 years. The philosophy runs parallel with Yoga teachings and it states that each Chakra has a symbol, a colour, a tone and element linked to it, and that each Chakra is associated with a sense, gland and organ within our body.

Life gave us the tools to enable us to heal ourselves. There are 7 colours in the rainbow and 7 colours within us. They are the 7 energy centres “ 7 Chakras” each one a different colour. They are cone shaped and emerge out from our spines to face the front of our bodies. When open, clear, and energised they rotate in a clockwise direction in a gentle swirling motion. To be healthy our Chakras should be open, if they are closed then our energy becomes blocked and disease sets in. Chakras can also be to open, so leading to having to much energy in a Chakra. If for example the 1 st Chakra was to open, then the person concerned could be very egotistical or if the Chakra was closed the person might lack self-confidence.

If we want to be healthy and happy then we must take the time to link and understand the make up and needs of our own physical body as well as our minds. To understand what makes us ill and how to cure these ailments we must learn to understand our own energy systems and only then can we start to heal ourselves.


Experiencing a session:

How a session is performed.

A Chakra Balancing and Energy Healing session takes place in a quiet private room with soft music and lighting in the background. Clients remain fully clothed at all times but the removal of shoes is requested from the outset. The session is performed with the client lying face up on a treatment table while the practitioner stands alongside the table with their hands about 3 inches above the body. Once the Chakra system is open and energised we then move through the body placing hands very lightly on the legs, torso and head in order to remove energy blocks and help circulation.

What you may experience during a session. 

A Chakra Balancing session is ever changing so as each Chakra is worked with the moods and feelings may change. At times a client may feel deeply relaxed and at other times they may feel the need to talk. It is very common to feel movement and pulsing within the body accompanied by heat as the energy filters gently through the body and boosts the inborn healing ability within us all.

What you may experience following a session .

Because we are all unique and individual our experiences of a session remain unique to us. Common reactions are an increase in mobility and energy or you may feel the need to rest up. Because you are more in tune with your body's needs after a session you will know what is best for you. We do recommend you take a gentle walk while focusing on your breathing. It is also very important to drink plenty of water over the next few days, as this will continue to help the body to detox and rejuvenate.


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